Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NOT the Mumps

Well, you can't see cause my paw is covering it up, but my cheek was really really swollen. No, it wasn't the mumps. (I didn't want to argue with the humans because that is such a waste of time, but I don't think we felines even get the mumps)

Unfortunately, it was an abscess and unfortunately, it all became noticeable right before both humans were set to drive "up north" to be with the Human Grandparents and things were already a tad stressful in the household.

The OtherHuman took me to see Dr. G right away who drew a lot of blood for "tests" and puts me on antibiotics. By the time the humans left town, my swelling had almost gone down. But I needed to have surgery as soon as they could get all the details worked out. Fortunately, the HumanGyrrl was staying at our house to take care of all of us.

Not that I want to bore all of you with my health history, but I had a heart attack in the late 90's and have been on some serious medication ever since. (In fact, one of the humans and I take the same heart medication except I get the "real" stuff and the human has to use the generic version.) So before Dr. G would do surgery, she wanted me to have blood work and an echocardiogram.

Even though I hate going to the v-e-t, I guess that I am lucky that I live in a city where there is a heart specialist for felines. The humans left on a Friday and the next Monday, the Humangyrrl drove me to THAT appointment. My surgery was set for the next Wednesday.

Tuesday night: the HumanGyrrl picks up all the food, upsetting Charlie and Blackie to no end. Uh, I'm having potentially life threatening surgery and THEY are upset about their food bowel being unavailable for a few hours? I won't tell you what I was thinking about THEM!

Wednesday morning: we wake up before the crack of dawn. Did I mention that neither the HumanGyrrl nor I are "morning" creatures? But, I am at Dr. G's on time. Three hours later the HumanGyrrl gets a call that they didn't have my blood work; the lab lost it and they have to redo those tests. And they won't do my surgery without it. Home I go. Stuck by those needles again.

Thursday morning: repeat. Except today I have surgery. They remove seven teeth. SEVEN.

HumanGyrrl picks me up and home I go. My humans are still Up North and they tell me, terribly worried about me. Well, at least they say that each time they call. They finally get home several days after I finally start feeling a little better. Other than being worried about what I look like without all my teeth, I feel prety good again. I am grateful my humans are all back. And I've almost forgiven Blackie and Charlie for being so selfish. Almost.



Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Our momma says her kitty when she was a girl had some abscesses. He would go to the vet & get them drained. Mom said she watched once and the vet lanced it & oookkky green stuff came out. She got scared (cause she was 11 years old at the time) but was ok when she realized her kitty felt much better afterwards. He was a tomcat who did lots of fighting and sometimes his wounds would get infected, We are so glad you are better Sky!

The Meezers said...

Oh Sky, we is sooo sorry you hadded to go frough all that. Don't worry about what you look like wifout your teef - you will look good no matter what. We is so glad you is feeling better!

DEBRA said...

Oh Sky I was so sorry to learn that you had to go through all of that. I am glad to know you are better and healing nicely.


Anonymous said...

oh you poor thing! we hopes yur feelin good now. does this mean only Stinky Goodness fur you fureffur? cause that sounds good...

Anita said...

I hope that your operation comes out well.

Pursss, force and good vibrations from Spain.

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Oh my goodness!!!! All those bad fings. You had a furry furry bad owie and a owie heart too. We's jus so glad that we know what's going on though. We can send good healing thoughts yur way.

Eric and Flynn said...

Poor Sky, yoo haf been thru a lot. We's glad yoo is feeling better now, an got yer beans back home wiv yoo

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

We're sorry you had to go through all that but we're glad you're feelin' better now!