Sunday, June 11, 2006

Visiting Fred, Sampson and Maggie

Our humans have been working too hard so while we were partying this weekend we were very grateful that someone took pity on them and invited them to another one of those "pool parties". But this one was "potluck" so here I am, supervising so my inept humans can come up with a dish that other humans would actually eat. I think it's pretty difficult to ruin fruit salad (even for MY humans) so fruit salad it is!
BTW: do you know that there is NOTHING that is even tempting for a poor hungry kitty to eat in a fruit salad? If they would only add some tuna or oyster juice, it would have potential.

Apparently, they had a really good time, but since they missed us so much, they made friends with the resident felines.

Here is Fred, in his climber. He's got a closed tube on top - I think Charlie and I could have lots of fun fighting in one of those. Fred looks too suave and sophisticated to even think about "fighting".

This is Sampson co- ordinating very nicely with the antique white on the rocker.

And here is Maggie. She's sweet but a bit shy around other humans as she is actually under the bed covers here. She looks really pretty in that shade of "quilt" though.

Our humans must have had a good time because they came home all relaxed and didn't even ask too many questions as to what we were up to while they were gone.

Which was a good thing as we had a REALLY GOOD TIME at Oreo's birthday party. We'd never been to a party before (with other felines anyway) so were really pleased to be invited. Oreo is one Fantastic Feline!


Oreo said...

Fanks so much for coming to mine party! I had such a good time!!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

We try to eat the leaves off the pineapple first before Mom makes fruit salad. Wasn't Oreo's party awesome!!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Your mom makes one? Ours just picks up one at the store. She is even more inept than yours it sounds like. The problem when she goes to a house where there are kitties, she spends more time with the cats petting and talking to them than with the other humans there. She says she really likes cats more than people.

Bravely Sir Robin said...

Oooo, watermelon? Do I see WATERMELON?!?? >droooool<