Sunday, May 14, 2006

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Great news!!! Susan, who lives in the condo down the road, has been chosen by TWO new kittens to be their human. They haven't yet told her their names, but are slowly revealing themselves to her as they get to know each other and develop trust. So, right now, there is "new boy" and "new girl' and they are CUTE and LIVELY - so much that we don't have any real good pictures of them yet. This one above, by their Aunt Bev, is the best so far of the two of them. They seem to not yet want to look the camera in the eye. But, they like to play ....
... and play ... ...and attack ...
They join Lucy, already well established in the household.
We look forward to hearing more from this feline family as they continue to define themselves.

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