Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello I'm Doris and I'm a Member of the Felline Oligarchy

Hello I'm Doris and I'm a Member of the Feline Oligarchy.

I didn't actually know there was a Feline Oligarchy much less that I was part of it, but the elders, Blackie and Charlie just told me about it. They said TheHuman used to write stories about their daily lives and post pictures and go visit other cat bloggers and it was fun. Then one day her computer started acting up and she stopped for a month and then the month became two months and now it's been three years. Oh my. She does seem frazzled a lot but you think she could have done better. What can I say?

Let me tell you what I know has gone on these past three years:

I've been here almost 6 months now after some one "found" me wandering around their doorstep drinking out of a water dish. They say I was about 8 weeks old. Somehow, I ended up living here and my name changed from "that doorstep kitten" to Doris.

They also say I had every parasite known to catkind including something called ringy wormy so I spent the first 3 weeks here living by myself in the guest bathroom. That's me in the sink with a bunch of books. OtherHuman would come in and spend hours sitting on the floor reading and playing with me. And every week I would go to the clinic for some stinky bath. I'm ok now and have the run of the house. And it was kind of fun having all that attention.

The original Feline Oligarchy was started by Alberta (the calico) who ran away to that Rainbow Bridge about 15 months ago at the age of 21. I didn't ever get to meet her, but they say she was a spunky feisty independent feline that I would have been proud to know. Then there was Sky. He's the black and white fellow in the logo picture. He ran away to the bridge about 2 years ago. They say he was one gentleman cat. I didn't get to know him either.

Blackie is still here but he's got TheBigC and is in hospice care right now. Which is really sad because he's been the friendliest most welcoming to a newcomer as any kitty could hope for.

Charlie (she's a girl with a clipped ear) is still here but she doesn't like me or anyone else much.

MaggieFu is the little kitten in the logo photo and she's still here. TheHuman said she grew up to be a beautiful princess with an attitude. And that attitude doesn't like me much either.

The there's Willow and Daisy who have come to live here since this bloggy stopped being updated.

I'll let them tell their own stories.

There's only so much they can make the new kid do.

We're going to try to help TheHuman write a bit more often then every three years. And maybe get to go visit other kitty bloggers. She's been reading the Cat Blogosphere sometimes and knows that some of the Oligarchy's friends have run away to the bridge also.

Maybe she'll set us up on Facebook? Maybe she'll get it figured out.

Would be fun to meet some of you other kitties out there.


Father Tom said...

Thank you so much for filling us in! A lot can happen in three years. You did a great job, Doris and you look like an avid reader, too, with all the books around you.

Hope you get lots of visitors as you return!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Hai, Doris! We amember Alberta & Sky. We's glad yur Mom mite manage to blog more. We's updatifyin our links an glad to see sumfin here.
Victor & Nina

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Hi it's very nice to meetcha Doris!! Thanks for the updates and we will be back to hear some more stories of the other kitties!! We'll add you to our furiends list!!
Your TX furiends,