Friday, September 29, 2006

Bad Boys

Blackie and Sky really really upset our humans today. They busted out of the house without permission. (Since we're not allowed to go outside, other than to our screen porch, unless the house is seriously on fire and it's a hurricane, it would be rather difficult to actually GET permission)

Apparently the door from the laundry room into the garage hadn't been shut tightly AND the garage door was open. Blackie and Sky must have pushed the laundry room door open and walked out the garage door. And then down the street, apparently, maybe into the woods. They're not telling. And there are no witnesses willing to come forward.

The Otherhuman and the Humangyrrl were home but didn't realize anything was amiss until one of them saw Blackie nonchalantly walking back IN to the house. They took an immediate head count and saw that we girls hadn't gone anywhere and the woofie was still here (drat!). But there was no Sky.

The humans got real scared and went in different directions looking under all the bushes in the neighborhood, going into the woods and also into the big green space behind our house. Still no Sky. They were kind of teary eyed and had called the Human still at work to come home to help look.

But when they walked into the garage, there was Sky sleeping on the mat in front of the now tightly closed door into the laundry room just waiting for someone to let him in.

They were so glad to see him that they almost forgot they were mad at him.

Alberta and Charlie


Rascal said...

What an excellent adventure. I'm not allowed out anymore either and I sure miss those days. But obviously they were smart enough to come home when they ready.

Anita said...

We also must right to leave stroll muhahaha!

Fat Eric said...

Freedom to stroll is all very well but don't worry your humans too much, OK??

caspersmom said...

So glad Blackie and Sky came back on their own. Mom lets us out in the fenced back yard some mornings and I'm the only one that is real good and don't jump the fence. Gizmo, Patches and Cleo always jump the fence and Mom gets mad. Patches comes back right away and Mom always gets Gizmo in but one day Cleo didn't come back and she was calling and calling her. Come to find out she was asleep right under her feet. She was under the porch. Mom was so glad that she couldn't get mad either like your humans.


PS Thanks for stopping by my site for a visit.

Anonymous said...

What a naughty kitty.So glad you found him.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Scooby did that to Mom a couple days ago. He was outside on his tie out and he managed to get out of his harness. Mom went looking all around the perimiter of our house and the neighbors since we like to hang out & hunt bugs in their gardsn. But she found him relatively quickly under our back deck, just exploring. Boy did he yowl when she picked him up! He did NOT want to go inside!

William said...

Oh my gosh, my mom almost had a heart attack just reading this! She worries that we'll get out somehow, too, and probably in the same way. Me, I wouldn't do it, but one of my sisters is always right at that door that goes into the garage!

Anonymous said...

oh how scary for your poor humans! glad you're okay!!

Junior said...

I did this to my Meowma one time and she was scared. Her eyes was red and her nose was runny when she finally found me in the woodpile.