Sunday, July 16, 2006

Couldn't We Please Read Something Else?

Well, it's an interesting enough article, but it's not exactly what I want to immerse myself in before going to bed. It's summer. Couldn't we find a good feline mystery to read? Goodness knows, there are enough mystery authors writing about cats, but the Human doesn't seem to have any she enjoys reading anymore. So if anyone has suggestions, could you pass them on because I'm getting really bored reading Newsweek. Their coverage of feline affairs is absolutely dismal!

It's been hot here this week too! We are fortunate in that we have our screened porch which faces west and is shaded by trees so it isn't uncomfortable in the mornings. And that we have a cat door which allows us to go inside to air conditioning whenever we want. We feel sorry for all our feline friends who are suffering in the heat.

Our feline "guests" are still here. (I am not going to use that "Q" name in this post. I AM NOT. And I AM NOT going to allow the Human to upload a cute picture of HIM in a post with my byline. I also have some standards!) The person who rented their house for the year came to say good-bye yesterday so it's empty. Our humans just don't have the heart to send our "guests" over to live in an empty house. Alberta is still counting naps but, in human time, it's one more week until our "guests" go home.

Our humans' hearts are in the right place which is why I tolerate them. And they are getting to be less of a pushover in the discipline area. Saturday night, Q made another serious attempt to overthrow the Oligarchy and the humans made him go to his room and closed the door for the rest of the night. We actually had 'family time' for the first time in weeks! I sat on the loveseat next to OtherHuman, the Woofie sat on the sofa next to the Human and Blackie and Charlie played in the nip boxes in front of us. It was wonderful! We didn't even fight with each other.

Now if I could only find a good book to read.



Patches & Mittens said...

Momma reads Cat Fancy; now that is a good magazine, and she belongs to Best Friends Animal Shelter and they have all sorts of pictures of kitties, dog, horses, bunnies, etc. She just finished Max's book, so I have been lucky lately in that department.

Patches Lady

Victor Tabbycat said...

Mom reads The Cat Who... mysteries, but finds them purty fluffy. What do you purrfur? Fiction, mystery, science fiction, romance? MY favorite is Sibley's Guide to Birds of North America.
We haf a/c but I'd lurve to be able to go out to a screened porch.

Feline Oligarchy said...

The Human reads all sorts of fiction/non-fiction, but together we purrfur a good cozy mystery. Unfortunately she hasn't brought the last couple of The Cat Who... mysteries home because they had gotten to be just too fluffy, but I miss knowing what KoKo and Yum Yum are up to.

Emma's Kat said...

Good for you Sky! Not letting your momma post anymore pix of the "Q". But you are right, in that she has done the right thing be caring for them. It won't be long and they'll be gone!

Zeus said...

Some books my human has been reading are: The Dogs of Babel A Brief History of the Dead and Our Lady of the Forest. I don't know if any of those would appeal to you, but she says you might like them.

Just stick it out for one more week, and you'll never have to see Q-face again! You have done a great service here. Perhaps that can bring a smile! :)

Rafe, Rhett and Rico Loco said...

We do not read, but we have our own TV and almost always it is turned on Animal Planet, or Lifetime which is good too.

Beau Beau & Angie said...

We are readin' "Something of Yours Will Meet a Toothy Death" by Max from the Pyschokitty blog. Mom keeps laffin so hard water comes out of her eyes and she snorts and makes all kinda weird noises. Humans are weird.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We been inside in the central air. Too hot outside. Our mom reads alot. Shes got like 6 books going at once and reads what she is in the mood for.She's reading Lewis & Clark diaries, history of the flu, Stephen King, Thomas Merton readings, and thats not to mention all the magazines she has to get to. Phew!

Anonymous said...

that thing looks furry boring! if our Lady tries ta read somefin boring like that, i puts the bitey on it an then i headbutt it outa the way an then Midnight comes wif her purry motor on an we gets some lovin instead

we wants ta read "Something of Yours Will Meet a Toothy Death" too - that sounds furry good!

Rascal said...

I like family time. It is good for all the humans to pay attention to the Cats all at once.

We used to read as a family before my human sister and brother went to big school. My favorite was Watership Down.

Mia and Ghost said...

Mom just finished Cat in a Quicksilver Caper. She likes all the Midnight Louie books

Fat Eric said...

I have interesting news on my blog today - fellow gingers Big Eric and Flynn have got a new blog, please visit and say hi to them if you can!