Sunday, July 02, 2006


Since our OtherHuman and our Humangyrrl came home from their crosscountry trip with our two neighbor felines, our lives have not been the same. The neighbors moved into the room our Human uses for an office complete with their own food and litterbox. We were prepared to be good hosts for the couple of weeks they are to stay here, but that is proving to be more difficult.

Patch seems really pleasant and although she's a bit shy, we can have a good conversation with her and think we could really enjoy hanging out together. Although we do think our HumanGyrrl is a bit excessive in feeding her breakfast in bed.Quito, on the other hand, seems intent on running the house and has been a real challenge for us.
We don't mind sharing, but he eats OUR food,
rolls in OUR nip box,
not only USES OUR litterbox,
but then lies in the doorway to OUR bathroom so we can't use it.We're just waiting for our HumanGyrrl to discover that he takes his baths in her computer case.

The most polite word we can think of when we talk about Quito is "chutzpah"! We're still trying to be "good hosts", but would really appreciate it if HE would try to be a "good guest". Or at least realize that he IS a guest.

However, after years of wondering what an Australian Shepherd was doing in the middle of a Feline Oligarchy, we have discovered what our woofie is good for! She takes our side in "encounters" with Quito. She barks when she hears any "growling" so the humans can run intervention and, once, when Sky was standing up to Quito, she got in-between the two of them, protected Sky and "herded" Quito back to "his" room.

We may have to keep her after all.
Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie


Victor Tabbycat said...

Mom says guests are like old fish - keep 'em too long an you get a bad stink. Good fur the woofie herding Quito away from Sky. Sky's family an Quito isn't.

Dianne said...

Yep, guests are fine for a few days and then they get on your nerves. I can't imagine having a feline guest! Humans seem less of a pain though.

Zeus said...

We here at The Zeus Excuse understand fully what you are talking about when it comes to guests. We could go into it, but let's leave it at that. However, we're wondering: What exactly is a chutzpah?

Feline Oligarchy said...

We're using the Wikipedia definition of what a Chutpah is because there it can be either a "bad" or "good" thing. Our Human is really big on this "trying to always say something "good" philosophy" and as uncatlike as it may sound, sometimes we try to humor her.