Saturday, May 20, 2006

The V-E-T Appointment

Short follow-up note from Alberta: No picture, I'm still too stressed. Yes, I had the v-e-t appointment at 8:00 a.m. this morning. It was horrible. I ate my breakfast and then, when I was preparing for my Saturday morning nap, I was grabbed and stuffed in to a crate. There was no time to hide, but I DID protest, long and loud all the way there. I do not ever suffer in silence.

Embarrassment upon Embarrassment: I had an "accident" on the way there so my human had to switch out the towel in my crate before we went in. I DO NOT have accidents. My humans always say that I am the most fastidious cat they ever met.

Indignity upon Indignity: they poked and prodded me for a long time. They drew blood (but my thyroid is doing fine). They took my blood pressure (but it was even on the low side, imagine that). Because of the new thyroid medicine, they think they might need to lower the dose on my heart medicine, but my heart sounds good. My human asked about my watery EYE and they took swabs from my EAR. Maybe the vet doctor who has to work early Saturday mornings didn't do so well in her anatomy class? (I am going to be getting ear drops for 10 days)

Torture upon Torture: during the 30 minute drive there and back, I had to listen to COUNTRY music on the car radio. How much worse could they make it?

The only redeeming part of the entire morning is my human opened a can of tuna entree just for me when I got home before I settled in to my place in the middle perch on the climber on the porch and could enjoy whatever is left of the day.

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Maggie & Molly said...

ohhhh I haven't been to the V-E-T yet, but momma says I will probably go next week. It sounds to me like the only good thing that happened to you was the tuna..I like tuna.