Friday, May 26, 2006

Compensation Inequity

Last night, while perched on top of my world, I began contemplating the events of the evening.

I have concluded that there is great inequity between the species in this household which the Oligarchy needs to address.

Tonight, for the first time, I saw Blackie emulate what I have discovered to be an effective, if somewhat demeaning, set of behaviors
designed to motivate our humans into opening the cabinet and providing a "treat" or a reward for "cute behavior".

I have it down to an art form.

I jump on the kitchen counter top and then up to the top of the big white cold box. This generally stimulates appropriate action on behalf of the humans.

Lately, they have been going even further and tossing treats on to the very top of the kitchen cupboards so I have to jump up there and crawl through the dust looking for them.

(Let's not mention the unflattering butt shot)

Blackie and I have each lived on our own and have always felt we KNEW better than anyone when we deserved a reward.
It's not like we took treats that didn't belong to us. We know the difference between c-a-t and d-o-g. And when the container fell on the floor, we shared with Sky and Alberta. But a few times too many, and our treat container is under lock and key. A bit overreactive, but we can live with it. But the point is, we felines have to go through all this life and limb endangering behavior in order to get even one little Greenie or tuna crisp.
But guess what the
has to do?
Yes, all she has to do is poop and she gets a treat. She doesn't even have to poop in a special box, dig a hole and then cover. She just goes on her walk, poops and the humans pick it up for her and bring it home in a baggie. For this, she gets a treat. Then she gets a treat for walking in the front door.

So in addition to having all our money spent on buying her those expensive corn starch bones while we play in "free" boxes, she gets numerous treats every day and barely has to earn them. Blackie and I don't even have disability insurance if we were to get hurt jumping. And Sky and Alberta can't even jump that high anymore. As I said at the beginning of this post, there is great inequity between species in this household and we felines need to take action. -- Charlie

P.S. Blackie and I are working out a GREAT tag team act!


Victor Tabbycat said...

We should form a protest. Bonnie an I do tricks to show our beans we want treats. She begs an I spin. I don't fink my house has way up high cupboard places like yours. I'm jealous.

Zeus said...

There's a lot of protesting happening these days it would seem!

Hello you four! I got your email, and I sent one back to you. Thanks for inviting me to visit with you four. I cannot wait to meet the oligarchy in person. I have never been invited to an official government meeting or such so this is a big deal. I will try to arrange my fur neatly and put my best paw forward.

As for the inequality in your house, I assure you this is nothing new. You need to train your human pet to respond better to your needs. Sometimes, humans seem to think that canines are above their felines, and why this is, I am not certain, but you cannot allow them to continue in this manner. They need to know the truth: Cats rule, and dogs drool.

William said...

It's just so not right.

But I wish we had tall tall places like that in my house. The refrigerator is as tall as I ever get.

Maggie & Molly said...

It does sound a bit unfair. I am glad I am a only pet. Of course I am too young for treats, but my mama said soon..I wonder when soon is...hmmmmmm
P.S. Mama said she likes your blog and you are pretty.

Patches & Mittens said...

We have a tall high window that I can jump up into and freak out Momma. That is always fun.

Thanks for visiting our blog. You are stunning cats.

Patches Lady

Judith said...

Velvet and Arty say 'Yes high places are really good especially if you scare your humans as well! Arty climbs the highest trees and then howls at the birds!'

I LUV CATS said...

I found the cutest photo on your site.