Thursday, April 27, 2006

The New Climber Arrivith

Not to be outdone by our friends who are out at the "better" furniture stores in town deciding with what to replace their "worn" people furniture, the humans ruled by the Feline Oligarchy journeyed to the big town and placed a custom order for a new climber

Last Saturday we went to pick it up. Not an easy task given it weighs more than the sleeper sofa and barely fits in the back our the human's Honda. But here it is in ALL it's glory:

          ...all FIVE tiers.

A tier for whoever is "top cat" this moment" -- Blackie:

A tier for the next to the top cat at the moment -- Charlie:

A tier for the "always at the bottom of the totem pole cat" -- Alberta:

And two tiers to be ignored by the cat who chooses not be bothered by it all -- Sky.

You may also notice that this wonderful FIVE tiered climber only has in it one cat at a time.

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