Saturday, April 29, 2006

Blue Dome Down Which Water Flows

Christmas before last, the Feline Oligarchy was gifted with one of those fancy electric water bowels. They loved it! The humans found it challenging to keep it's little water reservoir full and dust bunnies out of the drinking part. The dog was traumatized by the sound it made. But the cats loved it and so, it was with great disappointment when six months later it ceased to pump water. And what is an electric water bowel without moving water? Great dissatisfaction spread throughout the household. But attention spans are short. Unending catnip on the living room floor anesthetizes disappointment. Life moved on. And the humans, being selfish creatures, had no intentions to replace it with another.

Fast forward. Year 2006. Friend Susan in the condo down the road had brought home an electric water bowel for her felines. What kind of felines they are is unknown as THEY did NOT like it. THEY refused to use it. Did the humans in the Feline Oligarchy want to try it? Well, not really, but, why not? It was a very generous offer and perhaps the Feline Oligarchy will refuse to use it also and we can say in good faith that we tried.

Early March, it arrives. Mid-April, the humans finally set it up - which is not an easy task. This one is much more elaborate than the first one. An advanced degree in mechanical engineering is required in order to add water to the thing. The humans have several advanced degrees between them, but in nothing practical or useful. Assembling complicated electric water bowels is not in their skill set. Much aggravation prevailed until finally water flowed freely down the sides of the blue dome into the reservoir. The humans hoping, against all hope, that the felines will not use it.

Not to be. Immediately, Patrick, the elder senior citizen of the Oligarchy arises from his rug; purposely strolls across the kitchen and begins licking the water flowing down the blue dome. One vote cast.

Sky soon joins him. They can share? The Feline Oligarchy does not generaly share well. Two votes casts.

Blackie casts the deciding vote. A majority rules. Three felines outvote two humans. The contraption stays. The humans will try to figure out how to use it. Thank you, Aunt Susan.

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